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Ausfactor has established itself as the premier gaming site in Australia running the rFactor platform. First created in early 2006, Ausfactor has grown to a large racing simulator community and enjoys a busy forum and website as a result.  Currently with over 3000 unique visitors to the site each month from Australia an additional 40% from around the world, Ausfactor is well known throughout the global sim community as a destination of information, racing and all things sim related.  With expected growth forward from the 2011 season due to the release of rFactor2 and exposure through alliances with other industry groups, your business could be the answer to a market demand.

Your business could benefit from the reputation and exposure associated with Ausfactor and the general sim community which is growing ever closer through good communications and co-operation.   If you have a product or service to sell then we are interested in hearing from you to discuss how we can mutually benefit each other. Take advantage of the growing exposure of the internet and talk to us. We can show you how you can develop a potential market through advertising on a sim gaming community site.

Some Stats (March 2011)

Unique Visitors - 5158
Average Visits/Visitor- 11587
Hits - 636,244
Average Monthly Page Views - 201398 hits
More then 50% of visitors stay for 2 minutes or more.  Your banner has the potential of being seen over 200,000 times by gamers in the sim community.

Packages we offer:

1.0 Website alone package such as the items to the left of screen. 185 x 60 pixel banner with link back to your website, including Google optimisation within the site code. 
Price: $20 per month

2.0 Website and forum banners. 185 x 60 pixel on main website and at the base of the forum with links back to your website, including Google optimisation within the site code.  

Price: $30 per month

3.0 Website, forum banners and a dedicated advertising forum. This would suit a business that would like to update their products on a regular basis. Give you the ability to administer your own sector of the forum and add dynamic content at will.  It also give you the ability to interact with potential buyers and explain your products in detail. All the above banners plus a dedicated forum with your mini banner on t he forum index and ability to run any type of image and advertising within this forum. 

Price: $50 per month


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