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GT and Dirt Leagues      
Year rFactor Mod 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2006 V8 Buggie Tourney Glacius    
2007 FIA GT League GT1 Class Dropbear Duke Kurtizstan
2007 FIA GT League GT2 Class Skeevy St Anger 308 Ben Driehuis
2008 ILMS Endurance League Webber/Daveo555 Doc/LaserDave Bill/Glacius
2009 ORR2 Triple Challenge Fast Fulch AUS EviLKarL Baronvonrort
    See the video of the final here
2009 Endurance Series Webber 555    
2009 ORR2 Baja Bonanza AUS JT AUS EviLKarL  
2010 GT ALL Endurance League AUS EviLKarL EAO wayno VLGroupA
2012 WCORR Trophy Truck League AUS EviLKarL OR~WORM =Farmer=

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