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Formula Car Leagues      
Year rFactor Mod 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2006 Formula A1 GP League AUS EviLKarL Profesor Zvook
2006 Formula GP 2 League AUS EviLKarL St Anger 308 Bundy
2009 CTDP F1 League AvA Rotate Whiteshadow Webber555
2011 rTrainers League EAO WORM EAO CortyGT FRANKTHETANK
2011 1991 Formula 1 League AUS mONKEy AUS EviLKarL EAO CortyGT
2011 1985 Formula 1 League AUSTmike Jereon De Wit Chrisrx
2012 1994 Formula 1 League AUS-EviLKarL Chrisrx OR~WORM

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