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Small Car Leagues      
Year rFactor Mod 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2006 Megane Trophy League AUS EviLKarL Enigma St Anger 308
2006 Porsche Cup League Season 1 Profesor Gadgetman Duke
2006 Porsche Cup League Season 2 AUS EviLKarL Uly St Anger308
2007 Renault Lupo Fun League St Anger 308 Kurtizstan Maxbomb
2007 Renault Super Clio Fun League Loud Howard Baronvonrort Kurtizstan
2007 Porsche Cup Challenge Darren March and Vail Richers from OAR Team
2008 Porsche Cup Season Grover AUS EviLKarL Polizei
2009 UK Mini Fun League AUS EviLKarL Fast Fulch AvA mONKEy
2009 Megane Fun League Webber555 AUS EviLKarL AUS MadMatt
2010 Mini Madness Season 1 Dragu AUS EviLKarL EAO CortyGT
2010 Mini Madness Season 2 AUS EviLKarL Daveo555 Dragu
2012 Porsche Cup 2007 League AUS-Duke Brettie AUS-EviLKarL
2014 Porsche Cup League OR~Worm AUS-Duke AUS-GWyar

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