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V8 Super car Leagues      
Year rFactor Mod 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2006 V8Factor Season 1 AUS EviLKarL YLDCHLD St Anger308
2006 V8Factor Season 2 AUS EviLKarL Loud Howard Fairdinkum
2007 Bathurst Endurance Greg Stewart and Vail Richers
    Overall Winners of this 2.5 hour event
2007 V8Factor Season 1 Fairdunkum AvA Brovky LJ AUS EviLKarL
2008 V8Factor League 1 Fairdunkum AvA Rotate AvA Daza
2008 V8Factor League 2 SpeedRacer76 Doc bigDave
2008 V8Factor League 3 Richo1 DynamicDave Butakup
2008 V8Factor Teams League Full Noise Racing HSV Dealer Team WMS Racing
2009 FVR V8 Supercar Series AUS JD Richo1 Maxcat
2009 V8Factor Season 1 League 1 AUS Barracuda V8SOL Phoenix JordenGee
2009 V8Factor Season 1 League 2 PGRULER Slykiwi  
2009 V8Factor Season 1 League 3 EAO JEFFRO V8SOL Mongrel EAO Driver
    Note: The 2009 V8Factor Season had a record 217 Entries
2009 V8Factor Season 2 League 1 JordenGee AvA Dunc Daveo555
2009 V8Factor Season 1 League 2 (V8SFG) Justin HiTone Roadthief
2009 FVR V8 Supercar Series Ryys177 AUS Hellraiser [V8AA] Nibiru
2010 V8Factor League 1 Holden Racing EAO WORM Sonic
2010 V8Factor League 2 AUS JD Dragu EAO Driver
2011 Ausfactor Hotlaps Rankings      
  Quarter 2 2011 AUS Josh17 EAO wayno Slykiwi
2012 Ausfactor Full Season V8FU Slykiwi Kytabu OR~Wayno
2013 Ausfactor V8 League Kytabu RSM_Yaystenny NZL-JB

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