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The Ausfactor PCC Spring Series is a league series designed for drivers who are not aliens behind the wheel but still enjoy the competitive nature of racing online with other drivers of similar skill while having fun at the same time.  

The series will see drivers compete against each other for qualifying positions and in timed races over a 6 event format on tracks from all over the globe. 

While realism is a central consideration for this league, there will be some compensating aids allowed in this league to help drivers control these rear engine beasts.
One of the main design formats will be the addition of fixed setups assuring all drivers that the handling of the cars throughout the field are even and matched for all drivers.  The server will allow some adjustment to personalised settings such as brake bias and steering percentages, the overall car physics will be hard set.   Drivers will also be able to turn on aids for the vehicle including limited ABS Brakes and Traction Control.  These will be set to the lowest setting for the cars to help drivers stay on the track. 

The Monday night championship will begin at 6:30pm AEST (7:30pm NSW and Vic and 7:00pm Sth Aust) and resume each week for 6 weeks racing on tracks such as Laguna Seca,  Puky and Monza Italy.  You can join the server by looking for AUSFACTOR.com(PCC) server.

The mod for this league will be the Porsche Cup 2007 Mod, you can download it here

Results and Championship standings can be found here and all further information to each fortnights events can be found in the forum. A full schedule of the series can be found here



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