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In memory of a great member to the rFactor community and friend to many.  LordOfTheRims passed away after a battle with cancer on Saturday 3-3-2012.  Russ will be missed greatly and it is with a sad heart that I post this small memorial.  Rest in peace mate.
Congratulation to MadMatt and partner on the birth of their son Declan William, born 14th July 2011.  As seen in this pic laughing at the idea of EAO_WORM winning a race, Declan will be ripping it up in no time. 
Congratulations to Mr and Mrs HiTone on the birth of their baby daughter Zoe Jade on 11th of September 2011 at 5:29am.   Apparently she already has the eyes in for driving and we'll be seeing her on track in about 12 years. 
In Memory of Steve Whitty who died 3rd May 2008.
Steve was a well respected member of the Sim Community.
He will be missed by all. RIP my friend.

Congratulations to Nigel AKA ESP on  the birth of Tannah. Born 1st of October 2008

Brettie - had this gag from racing in the Mini League.  These are the ad-hoc rules he made up during racing on the back of a chocolate wrapper.  One of the funniest moments we've had during racing in an attempt to slow EAO_WORM down during the final event.

A Tribute to Darren Sheppard
Harley Davidson drag racer, father and husband

You ride a 'HD' and me, I ride 'Jappers'
I called yours 'slow' and you; 'Jap Crappers'
At the line more then often, youd send us packing
Showing off your skills, we obviously were lacking.

One thing you have, was respect from your peers
And after the racing over a couple of beers
We'd chat and laugh, at the fun we just had
But now as a group, were very much sad.
Your presents at the track will be sorely missed
But we will celebrate, rather then be pissed

I hear up in heaven the tracks are pretty rad
No worries with traction or weather to be had
And God in lane 2, hes pretty tough to beat
A perfect light and dial every race, does he cheat?

We know your in heaven, its where all the good guys go
Beside god you now reside, and we wish you well
The drag family will be a while in reunion at the track
But in years to come, were coming, so watch your back

Rest in peace Darren Sheppard, rest in peace for now
Youve cut a red light, it's over for now
For your life on this planet was only round one
And more rounds and finals, will surely be done

Congrats on a life full of greatness, family and friends
We now say goodbye, see ya mate and thanks again

K Pacey

Dedicated to Darren Sheppard who tragically died at
WSID 7-11-2009
The drag bike community will miss you mate



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