Ausfactor Basic Rule Set 2011/2012 TeamSpeak Viewer

 The following rules have been implemented to assist in the main goal of Ausfactor, to have fun. We race in the virtual world, and have additional problems to real world motorsports, these rules try to account for some of those issues.

  1. Take your serious cap off before entering the website, race servers and/or team speak channels.  If you cannot enjoy yourself and have some fun here, simply don't race.  If you find yourself wanting to flame other drivers, seek professional help. 

  2. We highly recommend installing Team Speak and using it during racing, these days it is essential kit. The benefits of hearing what is going on in real time helps both yourself and the admin team.  

  3. 2. All Ausfactor servers, sites and team speak channels are loosely G rated, please refrain from potty mouth. It is loosely enforced but consider others before speaking your mind.

  4. Ausfactor is about fun and sportsmanship and hopefully all drivers that compete here want the same. It is important to us therefore to know if drivers have concerns about their experience in racing at Ausfactor to contact one of the admin team privately and voice their opinions and concerns. We are not perfect and never will be however we strive to make the experience a great one for everyone.

  5. Ausfactor is a privately owned and operated community therefore if you abuse the right to play here, you will be banned. We have zero tolerance for morons wanting to spoil the fun for other drivers.  We are a community of people, don't forget that real people are behind those names.

  6. You will need to register for an account before viewing all the forums and racing in league events. Do not use a hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail or any other free email address when registering here, your account will not be activated. If you are unable to use a 'ISP email address' then please email me on evilkarl at . Why you ask, We are trying to be an honest racing site, unfortunately some people live to cause crap so this is a security precaution so ALL our members have fun while here.

  7. Ausfactor forums are also for the explicit use of our own members. DO NOT post advertising for your leagues, business, race events or anything that conflicts with this community without gaining permission first. All it takes is a quick email or private message.

  8. If you don't like any of the rules below after reading them, simply don't register or if already a member ask that your account be deleted. We make no apology for these rules, they are not flexible and we will rarely bend them. Simple.




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rFactor 2 - Coming in 2011

Some new Anti-Spam rules implemented to the forum, if you are getting a IP ban by error, please email me with your ISP details on karl at ausfactor dot com






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