Ausfactor Driver Rule Set 2011/2012 TeamSpeak Viewer

The following rules have been implemented to assist in the main goal of Ausfactor, to have fun. We race in the virtual world, and have additional problems to real world motorsports, these rules try to account for some of those issues.

  1. You must have minimum 256/64 broadband.  Lag is always an issue. We rarely accept drivers from outside of Australasia. 

  2. Ausfactor tries to make the racing as real as possible without going to extreme measures, therefore you should observe all the standard racing rules that you all know from being motorsport fans yourselves.  Pit lane speed limits during league nights, Blue flag and yellow flag rules, general driver conduct should all be observed. Corner cutting, cheating in any form and bad attitudes will not be tolerated.  You all know what is expected from driving standards, follow some basic standard and there will never be a problem, cause the admin team to constantly review your driving and we will be forced to act via not allowing you to race in league events.   

  3. Pass with care. If you are not sure you can pull the move off, don't do it. Take your time to work out where to make the pass If you attempt to pass another driver and tag them during your pass, gaining an advantage, allow them to regain the position, even if it means you lose positions to drivers not involved in the incident. Basically, if you can't pass cleanly, do not pass at all. 

  4. Defensive driving on the final lap is fine,however swerving on straights to block another driver or moving several times to block once committed to a corner is not allowed. A positional change to protect your line for the corner is fine. You may move once to defend your position you are not permitted to move back onto the racing line.

  5. Take care re-entering the track. Whether it be from pit lane or the sand pit or anywhere off track, it is the responsibility of the car that is re-entering the track boundary to avoid collision. 

  6. Burnouts and thinking you are at the Summer Nats will not be tolerated in Ausfactor servers, if you want to pretend your Victor Bray, do it on your own machine, not ours.

  7. Accidents happen however please ensure you review your own replay before going off about any issue.  We find this helps in 2 ways. (1) often once reviewed and both sides of the story can be observed, you understand more about how the accident happened and it possibly wasn't all the other drivers fault and (2) It gives you time to cool off so you don't say something you regret.

  8. And finely, race for fun, race hard, but don't try to win the event at the first corner. Racing is not about going fast for a single lap, it's about consistent fast laps over the course of the event and playing your cards right to get the best position as possible.  There can only be one winner.  How often have you heard the term about the lows of motorsport far outweighing the highs.  Virtual motorsport is no different.  Race your own event, place your car in the best position it can be, but never had the attitude of winning at all cost.



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