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The Ausfactor V8Factor 2012 Season league is open to any driver.  The 2012 season will loosely follow the real V8Supercar season with events at each of the tracks in the real series.

Formats for each event will differ from track to track with sprint and endurance events.  One of the main features to this years V8Factor season is the format of the races and server.

This season will see the introduction of Parc Ferme during qualifying.  Parc Ferme is where your garage setup is locked after the qualifying session. This means drivers will need to work on a strategy for each event prior to the session.  Some small changes will be allowed such as steering percentage and brake bias however fixed setting will allow drivers multiple strategies while not rewarding 1 lap qualify setups.

Another feature is the addition of a live race steward at each event. The race steward will help make live calls of any incident or action as it happens. He will also be responsible for calling full course yellow (Safety Car) situations where needed or at random.  This is designed to keep drivers on their toes and add a level of realism to events. Since rFactor 1 does not support random whether events, this is about as close as we can get to adding realism. 

Racing in the main series is on fortnightly on Sunday nights.  Qualify starts at 7:00pm AEST sharp, in the AUSFACTOR.com v8factor server  

Results and Championship standings can be found here and all further information to each fortnights events can be found in the forum.  A full schedule of the series can be found here



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