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Can anyone race in this series?
Yes the main series is open to anyone who want to race

How do I enter the series?
Simply turn up, there is no requirement to officially enter the series, it is a simple case of turning up with all the requirements and race.

What are the requirements?
You'll need the game rFactor of course, and  the V8Factor Unleashed mod by ORSM and you will also need the skin pack and the weekly track.

How does Parc Ferme work?
Parc Ferme is used in many series acorss the world including V8 Supercars and Formula 1. It is the rule of not changing the car between qualifying and the race.  You can adjust your garage setup and pit strategy before you qualify however once you have completed a hotlap qualifier, this setup is then locked in for the race.   Of course you can choose to not qualify at all in which case you will have an open setup however you will start from  the rear of grid.

How does the live admin work?
The live admin is there for three reasons. 
1. To help admin the server and keep the series running smoothly
2. To help admin you as a driving by judging situations as they arise, such as redressing
3. To call safety cars and add realism to the race by random safety cars 

I noticed you are supporting a skin pack, can I submit a skin?
Your a bit late, we compiled the skin pack before the season started and will not be adding new skins, you will need the skin pack to race as other have submitted skins already




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